Visual SteamCMD v0.1.3

Hello Everybody!

Today there has been a new update on VSCMD. VSCMD has had two features added. The first feature is Dark mode. This can be enabled in the Options Tab

Also the About Tab has been Finished.

Soon there will be more options and a configuration save function in Late September to Early October.


-Jyles Coad-Ward, Founder, Head Developer

VSCMD Update Post

Hello Again,

Not that much has been happening but VSCMD is a lot more stable now. The team has added a debug mode to show all variables that have changed. We’re also organizing our projects alot more. We’re using discord to communicate, GitHub (obviously) to track all updates, and other software to easily make builds and track other top secret projects.

If you want to stay in touch with the dev team then you can hit me up on discord on our discord server.

That’s all for now!

-Jyles Coad-Ward, Founder and Head Developer.

First Post

welcome to

just a place where myself and other people can collab on shit


heres the github link, if you wwant to join dm me on my discord: @Seed#0001